Monday, 27 June 2011

The Ghosts of Deadlines Past

The last few months have been full, full, full, and when they're fullest, it seems that you're able to accomplish more than normal. Like when you buy a kilo of rice and you make it all fit into the recycled sauerkraut jar by pouring, gung-ho, then tap-tapping the vessel so that all the unleashed grains settle and compact. And sometimes at the end there is still a surprising amount of space - but not without a little tap-tapping. This technique usually works for deadlines, but not always.
Unforeseen issues with toner, missing printer parts and posties are guaranteed to thwart the zine process, as will moving and renovating a house, working, other blogs, and life in general - but this is what it's all about. And what Disinflection is not, is a magazine. We're regular, guaranteed to deliver, but not like clockwork.
Now that I've justified Disinflection's tardiness to the three loyal followers of this blog (one of whom is myself), June's edition will be hitting the shelves in early July...early-ish July.